Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is a treatment method addressing spinal disc issues such as bulging, herniations and disc ruptures, or any other radiculopathy (a range of symptoms caused by nerve pinching in the spinal column.). Spinal decompression is primarily used for neck or cervical spine and lumbar spine or low back.

Spinal Decompression Johnson City TN

We start with a complete history followed by an examination to determine the cause of your symptoms. This is followed by functional diagnostic x rays (which are done standing) . The x rays give us a functional baseline and is the third step (history and exam) toward resolving your symptoms.

The treatment starts by lying on a specific table and applying the harness or headpiece. Next, we calibrate the machine to your individual settings. The treatment session lasts 27 minutes from start to finish. The goal is to apply the appropriate amount of opposing tension in the neck or low back to successfully draw the affected disc into the normal position.

AIM adds another step to this process. A differential diagnosis between a disc injury and a biomechanical misalignment, known as a subluxation, is a critical piece of understanding. Correct treatment comes from this understanding whether we continue to treat a disc and/or continue to correct the subluxation. This is the “missed step” that contributes to ‘80% of spinal surgeries classified as failed back surgeries”. Yes, we treat the disc and subluxation concurrently, but we also must understand which is giving the patient the symptoms they are experiencing. What is the symptom driver? A misaligned vertebrae, known as a subluxation, must occur for the disc to be injured, bulged or herniated. Please also remember that if a vertebrae is subluxated we will have inflammation occurring and the risk of nerve compression rises dramatically which would decrease the nerve flow to the intended tissue.

Using Spinal Decompression as a differential diagnostic tool will help your doctors understand how to restore your function and ultimately restore your health. You must understand that your function equals your health! 

AIM gives you many different providers addressing your needs together on every visit. Many treatment plans include a series of spinal decompression treatments adding other services for maximum progress. These services can include chiropractic, modalities (muscle stim and ice), stretching, exercises, trigger point injections, or bracing (Durable Medical Equipment).

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