Primary Care

Primary Care

Dr. Holly Dockery DNP AGPCNP-BC

Dr. Matthew Riggins, MD, FAAFPAIM is a Primary Care Provider of Healthcare services. AIM has a Doctorate level Nurse Practitioner specializing in Geriatrics and the care of people ages 12 years old and up. Dr. Holly Dockery DNP AGPCNP-BC is an ETSU grad and her passion is to give people a plan to succeed. Our oversight MD is Dr. Matt Riggins MD, FAAFP with over 30+ years of clinical experience to provide for our patients.

Primary care is about establishing a baseline of function. How your body is working and functioning gives us a picture of your health.

Most people need a plan for their health. They need the steps and guidance to achieve the goals they have created. An initial consultation, exam and functional diagnostics will paint your health picture. Next is to create with the patient what their health goals, short term and long term are. Together with our patient, we create a plan of care to meet the goals that have been outlined. There are regular points to reassess your progress that usually occur once a month. Further functional diagnostics may need to take place like a functional exam and possibly x rays.

Next is to map out the next 30 days of action based on your reset baseline. This is health care…this is not disease care. Restoring function to your body is exactly what needs to take place. When your body starts to work correctly, many of your symptoms go away. This happens at every age. You owe it to yourself to give real health care a try. Create health and stop managing symptoms. Most Americans can spend 6 dedicated months working tirelessly and reverse most health conditions, some will take 6-12 months but the majority will succeed …if disciplined enough to follow the plan.

Your HEALTH is our AIM and today is the day to START!  

Establishing a relationship with your Primary Care Provider is key to maintaining and improving your health. Primary Care includes physicals, checkups, consultation, education, and possibly medication or referral to a specialist (if needed). We take the time and care to be your health care partner.

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