Getting a Physical every year by a Primary Care Provider is the cornerstone of preventative health care. By examining you from head to toe, drawing labs, and discussing your health and habits, our Team can assess your current healthiness and potentially spot issues that may need to be addressed. Using this information, we will work with you to create a personalized health plan of action. Also, if needed, we can refer you to Specialists if necessary.


When patients think of physicals they immediately think of a yearly process of speaking to their primary care provider about how they have been feeling or how the year has gone for the patient health wise.

At AIM our approach is to use your “physical” as a starting point for you to regain your health and vitality. Aging can be accelerated or slowed and that is your option to choose. We can evaluate your health status and provide you with a plan to regain and slow your aging many times without the use of medications. 

A physical at AIM is about developing your baseline, your starting point. This includes a consultation, history, examination and diagnostics that may include blood labs, x rays, feet scans and a functional examination. The next step is to review your findings with one of our providers. This is the time we will present you with a plan of action to achieve your health goals.

After the action plan is presented our case manager is next up to discuss which course of action you have chosen and to review with you your insurance coverage and benefits. This allows you to have a complete picture of your goals, an action plan, insurance benefits, your timelines and what actions are needed from the patient. In other words…everything is mapped out for you to SUCCEED!

How often physicals are needed is determined by the patient’s condition and their health goals. Many folks simply want to be out of pain. Some want to be a better version of themselves, able to get on the floor with their grandchildren, walk on a sandy beach, hike or have energy. The initial physical is a baseline or starting point. The rest is up to you…choose wisely!

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