Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy


AIM has a Functional Rehabilitation department, not a PT department. What is the difference? Our focus is to restore normal movement patterns in our patients by addressing deficiencies and imbalances. AIM does not employ a Physical Therapist. Dr. Tim Dunne has completed advanced training in functional rehabilitation, electrodiagnostics and sports medicine based on the rehabilitation work of Dr. Vladimir Yanda MD. 

In the current healthcare model, a patient would see their Primary Care Doctor followed by a referral to PT, a referral to a Chiropractor and to Orthopedics for joint injections or bracing with minimal dialogue between all the parties. We at AIM offer those services under one roof and all of our providers discuss YOU on a DAILY BASIS. Changes can be made daily based on your current needs vs at 1 month intervals. Healthcare has lost its service and AIM is now delivering that service to you…priority care!

AIM uses functional analysis of x rays, exams and movement patterns to assess where your imbalances and challenges lie. From those functional diagnostics we can develop  a rehabilitation/treatment plan that restores your function which is your priority…your HEALTH!

Specifically, we start with stretching those spastic or tight muscles and move into facilitating or stimulating the muscles that are dormant and weak. This is the balancing and foundational work that is needed in order for you to develop long term strength and stability.

The next step is to add in movement patterns that contribute to your daily activities. At this point, all patients start to have different needs and the exercises we have the patient perform vary.  Lastly, our focus moves to dynamic movements. These movements replicate how you choose to live your life. Lifting, reaching, pulling and squatting are focused with your form in performing the movements. These are compound in nature meaning they involve many movements at once, eg: bending and reaching with resistance. This approach gives you long term results and educates the patient on how best to take care of their personal needs.

We use the Wobble Ball exercise to begin all Physical Therapy Warmups in our office. It helps to loosen the body and spine for a more productive functional therapy session.

Every patient gets a personalized, functional physical therapy program developed for their needs. We focus on functional movement and helping you get back to normal life.

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