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Lab Work

Lab Work Johnson City TN

Bloodwork Johnson City TN

Lab work and evaluations for patients is a must on their road to health and vitality. At AIM, our focus is to establish a baseline of how your body is currently functioning. From your baseline, we can add the lab results to the other diagnostics that have been performed (x rays, ultrasound, mri) and have a complete picture of your health (function).

Also, labs are treated as steps of progress in your health journey. Labs offer guidance to treatment options and treatment outcomes. 

AIM is a primary care office focusing on geriatric patients (over 12 years old). Diagnostics are a critical piece of your health care puzzle along with x rays, functional exams etc… The goal at AIM is to increase your function, reduce your pharmaceutical use and give you the energy and life to want and deserve. If you notice I did not refer to your symptoms on purpose because the symptoms are indicators that your body is tired of managing the crisis and it needs help. It needs you to do two things; give your body what is necessary and not give it the toxins you are currently giving it. Deficiencies and toxins, when combined will give you anything from health to disease or along the timeline. 

The importance is that labs will give your providers many markers to your body function. This is very important and with regular repeat labs, a line of progression (good or bad) is drawn. We at AIM will focus on your health goals, which are created with timelines. The goals are created by your body analysis and what your health care ideals are, blended together. 

Reverse engineering from your end target is the last step of planning. We frame the length of time for you to reach your goals and the steps necessary allowing you to work the plan.

Lab Work allows us to test your numbers to see what your overall health status is by drawing blood and testing it, and to monitor conditions that may need to be addressed through therapies, treatments, medications or other means. Labs mean a baseline, a starting point for us to add or subtract treatments. We recommend twice a year lab work to maintain health and detect health concerns as early as possible.

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