Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Joint pain and symptoms have affected millions of Americans for decades.Treatments are related to the intensity of symptoms and the severity of degeneration. 

Initially, a baseline must be determined to understand the severity of your joints and how you have arrived to this point of joint pain. Consultation, exam and functional diagnostics are the first step of evaluation of your condition. A review of those tests allow us to determine what are your options of treatment.

Options start with over the counter NSAID (non steroidal antiinflammatory drug), bracing, rehabilitation or exercise therapy and possibly joint injections. There are many types of joint injections but for this discussion let’s talk about HLA, Hyaluronic acid otherwise known as a Rooster Comb injection. HA is the fluid within the joint space that is lost over time and joint wear. You may hear a doctor describe this fluid as “viscosupplementation” which means to add a natural fluid to a tissue that has lost. HA injections add to the joint spacing and usually relieves symptomatic pain in the joint. It is a temporary relief that lasts from weeks to months depending on the patient and the degree of joint degeneration.

Joint injections work best when they are coupled with other treatments including functional rehabilitation, bracing, chiropractic and nutritional supplementation. The body breaks down when it deals with a trauma AND has limited supplies to manage the trauma such as the items listed above. When you read the list please realize that lifestyle is a critical driving force that your body manages all the things you throw at it. When joints deteriorate, usually it starts with a trauma followed by poor management of the injury. Over time the joint requires some love to keep it functioning….injections, bracing, stretching and exercise and excellent starting points. Remember that it’s best to keep and maintain your own joints – as replacements do work, just not as well as the originals.

Hyaluronic Acid – HA, also known as “Rooster Comb” Injections, help address arthritic issues in joints, and is mostly used in knees. This therapy assists with cushioning between bones as well as viscosity across the bones to help with smoothness of movement and pain relief. This is one of many types of injections that we use for arthritic and degenerative joints. These injections allow for less symptoms and better movement of the patient’s joints, allowing us to rehab and stabilize the joint.

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