Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy


Hormone Therapy addresses the natural decline in hormone levels in the body, usually caused by ageing. Typical therapies usually address levels of Testosterone, Estrogen or Thyroid hormones in the body. Our focus is to establish a baseline through lab testing of your blood, and then create a care plan that allows your hormones to be optimal. Hormone Balancing effects men and women equally – don’t wait until you can’t sleep, are unproductive, unfocused, and are experiencing overall fatigue.





Everyone of us has a full range of hormones that help our body regulate standard functions. There are 6 main hormones that are tested regularly and these are T3 and T4, Melatonin, Progesterone/Testosterone, Cortisol, Insulin and Estrogen.

We at AIM may test each of them due to your history and exam. The labs that are drawn are tested and provide the staff with valuable information into how your body functions. From that information HRT or hormone replacement therapy may be a solution for your fatigue, focus. libido and sleep symptoms to name a few.

The goal with all diagnostics is to evaluate your body’s level of function and from that point are there any lifestyle changes to be made first. Are there any vitamins, minerals or herbs to restore normal function second. Lastly, what are my choices with pharmaceuticals or surgeries in the effort to restore natural function. This should be our thought process in health care decisions. Instead our thought processes are to continue with our current lifestyles and not have symptoms that interfere (and how is that working out for us as a society?). Always test, don’t guess!

As a patient, baselines must be established to find out your function. This baseline allows our medical staff to recommend our plant based hormone replacement products. The pellets are inserted below the surface of your skin and dissolves over time releasing the hormones that your baseline has determined you are deficient in. Your hormone needs may also include compounding at one of our local pharmacies

AIM is a BioTe@ provider of hormone replacement pellets. Please look into their web site for a complete background on the science and balancing of hormonal and regenerative medicine. AIM is also a provider of the nutraceuticals from BioTe and Metagenics. These are pharmaceutical grade supplements meant to give you exactly what your body needs.


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