Digital X-Rays

Digital X Rays

Need Digital X-Ray’s now? Walk-in’s and appointments are welcome. We offer fast turnaround on X-ray results. Perfect for Physicals, Yearly Exams, and Primary Care.


X Rays are one of the baseline diagnostics our health care facility offers. We at AIM have a state of the art digital x-ray unit that provides us with the best possible images and allows us to manipulate the images as they are taken. This includes making the images darker or lighter, making them larger or highlighting an area of interest all accomplished while minimizing the patient’s exposure to radiation. Digital x-rays also allow AIM to send the films, via a secured internet connection, to our radiologist to be read with a turn around time of 1 business day. 

Our doctors also take most of our x rays with the patients standing up vs x rays being taken on a table. The reason for this is to determine the functional status of a patient’s joints or spine. Why is the functional status important of a joint or spine? Every patient that walks through our door wants to be healthy. Yes, everyone wants to be symptom free but they also want to be healthy. Health is defined by Dorland’s Medical Text as “functioning at or near 100% and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”…so health is how you work not how you feel! Standing x rays allows us to evaluate the three essentials which are fracture, pathology and infection but it also allows us to evaluate function of the spine. If we are evaluating another joint we may need to hold a weight for one view and no weight for another view to create an opposing evaluation. AIM also has the capacity to perform x ray standing or we can perform the x-rays lying down on our moveable table. Both positions allow us to fully evaluate a patient in a weight bearing or non weight bearing position.

Digital x rays can be taken with or without an appointment. Our staff is capable and ready to handle all of your x ray diagnostic needs. Digital x rays when coupled with our blood draw labs and diagnostic ultrasound, give us the unmatched ability to develop a baseline of your health status only used in a hospital setting. When you want to be treated as a person instead of being treated as a number, call AIM for your primary care, physical medicine care and chiropractic care needs.


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