Health Seminars

Health Seminars

At Advocate Integrated Medicine, we love to educate and inform, and definitely make people think about their health. At our Johnson City Medical Office, local Senior Centers, and other locations around the Tri-Cities, TN area we give Free Health Seminars to achieve these goals. For upcoming Seminars, visit our Events Page.

Past Health Seminar Videos for your education and enjoyment:

Clean Eating

In this Seminar, Dr. Tim Dunne, DC teaches how to eat clean and fuel your body properly. Where to shop and what to avoid in the grocery store, plus how to plan your eating and make good decisions a habit. Grab a healthy snack and watch this video for some knowledge to improve your health with Clean Eating.

Healthcare Myths – Truth or Fakenews?

When it comes to health, what can you believe? Dr. Tim Dunne, DC debunks some common health care myths in this free educational health seminar. What you learn will surprise (and shock) you!

Spring Forward to Health

Make a plan, and work your plan to achieve better health and wellness. This informative, educational video will teach you how to make the little daily changes that will move the big rocks down the road.

Managing The Holidays

Dr. Tim Dunne, DC, presents a Seminar on how to manage the Holidays, including nutrition, exercise, cheat days, and priorities to get and stay healthy.

The Physical Medicine Revolution

Watch this informative 1-hour Seminar by Dr Tim Dunne, DC and learn about ways to improve and maintain your health and quality of life as you age.

Cancer Killers

This Seminar is based on the book “The Cancer Killers – The Cause is the Cure” written by Dr. Charles Majors. Dr. Tim Dunne, DC explores the “C” word and the industry surrounding it, and what can be done to fight (and win) against this terrible chronic disease.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) – BioTE

Dr. Holly Dockery, DNP, AGPCNP-BC presents and discusses the latest options in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and other technology available now to improve your quality of life.