Headaches can be caused by many things. Some of the primary causes are subluxation, tension, chemical, migraine, stress, poor diet, and sleep habits.

The cause of headaches is the critical starting point. We may do labs and other diagnostics to accurately find the source of your symptoms. We must understand the reason “why” you are experiencing headaches, your triggers for them, and how we can resolve them.

Many times stress and dietary input are the drivers so we address lifestyle changes and habits. With both stress and diet as factors, your nervous system will be affected which is why chiropractic must be included in the care plan. Again, our TEAM approach to health care allows many providers to communicate and treat you simultaneously which will speed up recovery time at a lower cost….patient wins!

There are approximately 45 million Americans affected yearly by headaches. Sources state up to 17 different types of headaches based on symptom presentation.

We need to understand that headaches are your body’s alarm system notifying you that there is something wrong that the body can’t handle any longer on its own. Next is to evaluate the cause and trigger for the headaches. This is accomplished through careful examination and diagnostics. Diagnostics may include labs, x-rays and possibly MRI and Ct scans. From this process we can create a plan of action or care plan that addresses the cause of your symptoms and a plan to resolve the headaches.

Treatment can include options such as Chiropractic, kinesiotaping, stretching, exercise, trigger point injections, medications and massage. Many patients receive a combination of treatments to resolve the issue from the initial onset of symptoms through to resolution. AIM attempts to start patient care with conservative treatments moving into allopathic treatments if the conservative care routes are not producing the desired outcomes in a timely manner. Also worth mentioning is the role of meditating. Spending time in a quiet environment, calm and relaxed. Focusing on the world you want to live in and create, creating the day in your mind you will experience the next 8-12 hours. This role playing of the day you want will produce positive outcomes for you in relaxing your mind and creating peace. You may also start your day reading the bible for 30-60 minutes, being grateful and thankful for the opportunities you have been given. This action performed first thing in the morning sets the stage for what you want your day to be…grateful and thankful.

The focus of AIM is to address the “cause” of your health issues and give you the direction to create health and wellness that you control. Health is not by chance…it’s by choice!

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