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If you suffer from chronic knee, hip or back pain, surgery is not always the best solution and many times creates more problems. Get a free second opinion before you do anything further.

Chronic Knee Pain

Many of you suffer daily with debilitating knee pain. Until recently, your only choice was cortisone injections, rehabilitation, pain medications, joint scopes and joint replacements. TODAY there are other choices for YOU! There are medical injections approved by many insurance companies that help restore and regenerate damaged tissue. A TEAM approach to your care combined with daily communication from your providers gives the patient an unmatched advantage to better and faster HEALTH.

Chronic Hip Pain

Approximately 450,000 people had a total hip replacement in the US in 2018. Many have no other choice but, for the people that do have a choice, we now offer joint injections with human tissue that allows help in regenerating and rebuilding damaged tissue. Our evaluation determines if you are a candidate for an injection that will give you options and hopefully avoid or delay surgery. Our TEAM approach gives you the best opportunity to keep YOUR joints and create the life you had hoped for.

Chronic Back Pain

Sprains and Strains are the most common cause of a trip to the Emergency Room. Headaches and Migraines are right behind. Spine pain or spine symptoms cost Americans dearly each year yet conventional treatment is to mask the symptoms and continue as planned. Our evaluation determines the CAUSE of your problem then our TEAM addresses your problem head on. Restore function is the only goal to giving you your HEALTH and VITALITY back. The time to LIVE is NOW !!!

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"The staff is fantastic. The atmosphere is relaxing and bright. Dr. Dunne is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He noticed things in my X-ray that radiologists have missed. Very impressed with him, his staff, and the overall experience."

Joshua Brown

"We absolutely love this facility. Their breadth of knowledge and expertise and range of treatments is truly impressive. Just call them."

Ralph Watkins

"I have been receiving adjustments from Dr. Tim for almost 3 years. Besides benefiting from his knowledge and skill, I have been blessed in finding a good friend. Thank you, Tim and Cindy, for doing what you do with expertise and care!"

Dan Toth


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