Foot Pain

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Johnson City TNPain in your feet can come from many sources. There are 28 bones in your feet along with 2 in your lower leg and 1 in your upper leg. Injuries or trauma to any of these joints can produce symptoms among any of the other joints described. 

As for the foot, evaluation always starts with the consultation and examination followed by diagnostics. We refer to functional diagnostics as stressing the joint or tissue in question and evaluating how the tissue responds to the load or stress. X-rays are our first tool to evaluate foot function. Weight bearing or non weight bearing will give the providers useful information X-rays can be non weight bearing and an orthotic scan would be the weight bearing. This combination of evaluation gives you a great deal of information to create the care plan for your goals.

Treatments include kinesiotaping one of the 5 arches of the foot. Computerized shoe orthotics made from a functional scan of the feet will provide foot and arch support and in turn, reduce the stressors to the ankle, knee, hips and low back. Bracing can also benefit a patient during recovery. Soft or rigid bracing depends on the injury and the desired outcomes. Many times your treatment will include many of the treatments described and will change as you heal. Soft tissue injections to reduce inflammation. Rehabilitation to strengthen and stretch the foot tissues while maintaining the goal of stabilization to restore foot function.

When treatments and providers are combined, the patient gets better, faster, in a shorter amount of time and at a reduced cost. Foot pain at AIM is no different. When you address the entire lower kinetic chain of the leg and pelvis simultaneously, the stability and strength that is produced is the outcomes you expect as a patient.


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