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Elbow Pain Johnson City TNElbow Pain

Elbow pain and symptoms has a variety of sources to choose from when evaluating for a diagnosis and solution. 

The first step is a consultation followed by an examination To locate the tissue that is causing your symptoms. The next step is diagnostics. Diagnostics may be labs, x-ray or ultrasound. This establishes a baseline from which a care plan can be created with the patients goals and lifestyle used as guidelines. 

When the correct tissue damage has been identified (80% of the challenge) we can perform many treatments to address and manage the correction. Initially we look at restoring joint function and this is achieved with a chiropractic adjustment. There may be a series of continued joint adjustments to stabilize the joint and restore joint integrity. Next is to add therapies that may help in your rehabilitation such as kinesiotaping and bracing. These offer further stability in our journey of restoring joint function. Another treatment option is either joint injection or soft tissue injections. Joint injections may include PRP, HLA or a Stem Cell product from our regenerative side of the practice. The purpose of joint injections is to repair joint tissue and promote healing. Soft tissue injections such as trigger point or tendon sheath injections reduce inflammation which allows healing as well. 

Rehabilitation includes stretching tight or injured muscles and facilitating or activating weakened muscles. This is very common with injured joints. We may use heat or ice modalities such as paraffin wax for heat or ice massage for cooling the injured tissues. All treatments have a focused purpose that was initially identified in the intake profile of consultation, examination and diagnostics.

Functional exams are performed initially and at a minimum of once a month to grade or evaluate your progress towards your written goals. Our AIM is to restore your function and lifestyle, not eliminate your symptoms.

Repetitive movements cause many elbow symptoms followed by traumatic injuries. AIM has a TEAM approach to health care which incorporates MD, DNP, DC, MT and exercise therapists.

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