Chiropractic Care in Johnson City, TN

Chiropractic-Care-in-Johnson-City-TNChiropractic helps to maintain the body’s most important system – the nervous system.

Did you know? The 1st body system to form after conception is the nervous system. It tells every cell in the body what to do.

The human body is designed with a “hierarchy of need”. For example, a person can live an entire life without exercise (activity is important). A person can live a month without food. They can go 3-5 days without water. One can survive about 48 hours without sleep, and only minutes without oxygen. However, you can’t go one second without the brain communicating with the body! CHIROPRACTIC makes sure the communication that left the brain is received at the tissues at 100%. Paralysis is 100% loss of nerve flow and we all understand that. What is 50% loss of nerve flow? That is what chiropractic addresses, the slow or gradual loss of nerve flow to the tissues.

Do you want your body to function as it should? The key is keeping the controller, the nervous system, functioning properly. Subluxations of the spine can cause pressure on the Spinal Cord. Did you know that pressure equivalent to the weight of a dime on your spinal cord can cause upwards of 60% loss of function? 100% loss is paralyzation!

Chiropractic Experience

Dr. Tim Dunne, DC, CSCS, CKTP has nearly 3 decades of experience and post-Doctoral training. He can help anyone of any age live the life they deserve, His goal is to help you gain more function and better health!

Education is a critical piece of our expertise. Dr. Dunne completed advanced training in Functional Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostics, Kinesiotaping, Sports, and Integrated Medical model of care. This knowledge allows us to deliver care using a combination of techniques within the same visit. Patients get better! Why? Because of the combination of techniques, providers, and the level of oversight that is given with every visit.

Experience: Dr. Dunne graduated in June 94″ from Life University, Marietta Ga. He has treated Professional, Olympic, College and High School Athletes, along with people of all ages ever since. As an active practicing Chiropractor, his daily treatment and interaction over the past 30 years have given him a level of experience to work with patients of any age or condition and help them. His experience with The Arnold Classic  (20 years) and volunteering with USA Olympic athletes (5years) has given him valuable insight into how Chiropractic can improve the life and function of athletes. Other experiences include serving as a high school strength coach for 8 years. Dr. Dunne is currently working with Milligan University In Elizabethton, Tn assisting their athletic programs.

Chiropractor Dr. Timothy Dunne, DC, CSCS, CKTP