Children’s Health Care

Children’s Health Care


Children’s Health, along with adult health can be straightforward – if you choose to first understand how the body is designed with properties of self healing, self regulating and self perseverance. 

In a simplistic view, give the body what it needs in the appropriate quantity and do not expose the body to substances that are toxic in nature. The body needs positive MINDSET or thoughts and words of encouragement (including kids and adults). The body needs an interference free CNS for communication within itself, brain to tissues or organs and organs/tissues back to the brain…this is your nervous system.. NUTRIENTS are needed for tissue repair and growth. Nutrition is also the fuel source the body needs to thrive. OXYGEN is needed for fuel and repair. SLEEP is needed for repair and regeneration. This is when the body heals and reboots. EXERCISE increases the body’s oxygen levels and allows for optimal system function. Lastly is TOXINS. Minimize contact with all toxins. Everything from contaminants in the air to fluoride in your water; sugar and processed foods to negative thoughts. If it won’t help you in a positive way, you don’t want it in your body.

Testing for body or system function is first priority with children and adults. From labs to x-rays, your providers need to understand where a child’s health is currently. This foundation allows the providers to create a plan of care emphasizing your child’s health and wellness and not to simply remove the symptoms. We will discuss sleep patterns, nutrition, exercise, water intake and chiropractic with you to maximize your child’s potential. 

Your child will prosper when they are exposed to sunlight, 9-10 hours of sleep, nutrient rich and plant based foods, filtered water, and chiropractic care. Avoid sugars, processed foods, negative thoughts and keep them on a schedule. A child can not have too much love!

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