Back Pain


Back Pain Johnson City TN

Back pain can be caused by many things. Some of the primary causes are overuse, subluxation, arthritis, psychosomatic, stress, trauma, and injury.

Pain is a symptom telling you the body has passed a point of managing the dysfunction itself…the body needs help! The body can manage symptoms for a high level for a long period of time. There comes a point when the body will give you a symptom, or “sign”, that it can no longer manage by itself. This is often expressed as pain or loss of function, such as loss of strength, mobility, or flexibility.

At AIM, we focus on finding the cause of the pain and restoring the function to the tissues affected. Instead of managing symptoms, we want to correct the cause. To do this, we employ a “Team Approach to Healthcare” from diagnostics to treatment, our specialists work together to develop a personalized care plan to address your specific needs.

Americans sit a lot. Many of us cause our back pain by sitting, driving, lounging, and being immobile in the wrong position for long periods of time. Get up, move around, stand, walk, run, stretch, sleep – this preventative regimen can have a great effect on how your back feels. Of course, regular preventative care visits with our Chiropractor will help you live your best life as well.

Back pain is addressed in a complete manner in our medical facility. It is a serious condition that can affect all other body systems. We accomplish this by combining allopathic care (medical) and holistic care (chiropractic). This TEAM approach benefits the patient in many ways… time, money, communication, and outcomes. We may use Chiropractic Care, Rehab, Bracing, Medical Injections, Spinal Decompression, and Kinesio Taping at the same time to maximize benefits.

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