Auto Injuries

Auto Injuries

Auto Injury Johnson City TNAuto Injuries, as simple as a fender bender or as serious as a multi-car pileup can produce many medical issues. While your vehicle may take the brunt of the damage and you feel “OK”, that is often not the case. Injuries that occur from traumas take many years to create symptoms that affect your daily activities. These symptoms will cause a reduction in function without you realizing what you have lost such as flexibility, strength, focus and energy. Most of us simply think this is the “aging process” when in reality the reduction in function is due to prior injuries.

Examples can be auto injuries, athletic injuries, slip and falls, or chronic, repetitive use. Remember, your body is 2 things; it’s your vehicle to get through life and it’s your history book and when the “check engine ” light comes on, the damage is already done and now we must shift gears into a management stance towards your health and well being. Of course, you should always call 911 first as soon as an accident has occurred. After any acute injuries have been addressed, then you should be seen by a functional provider such as our office to restore your body’s natural function.

For Example, a trauma as slow as 8 mph can cause joint and soft tissue damage that will impact your health the rest of your life. As trauma occurs, the stressors first strike your muscles, and when they fail the stress goes into joints thereby damaging the joint tissues. The mistake is assuming no fracture or bleeding, then “it’s simply muscle”. 

The approach at AIM is to restore function to your musculoskeletal system thereby restoring health. We incorporate a TEAM approach using different disciplines of health care providers working together addressing your needs with one goal….YOUR HEALTH!

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