Arthritic and Degenerative Joints

Arthritic and Degenerative Joints

Degenerative tissue typically starts with a trauma of some sort. AIM addresses degenerative tissue with a broad based TEAM approach of services to include:

  • Injections: human tissue, synthetic injections, or holistic injections, injections can be intra joint, around the joint, or into the soft tissues associated with the injured tissue.
  • Bracing: for joint support or abdominal core support.
  • Taping: kinesiotaping to address muscle tension, diminished tone, joint stability, and a host of other musculoskeletal issues.
  • Massage: Addresses soft tissue and lymphatic dysfunction of soft tissues.  Because of your degenerative joints, the soft tissue has to withstand an increased workload, therefore, you will have trigger points, spasm, and altered firing patterns of the muscle.
  • Chiropractic: adjustments restore joint function which slows down the progress of joint degeneration, increases joint function, and allows for increased movement.
  • Rehabilitation: Restoring function and balance to your musculoskeletal system is our focus using Dr. V Janda MD’s approach of upper and lower crossed syndrome protocols of stretching and facilitation.
  • Counseling: Nutrition and Exercise. Lifestyle changes are key components to you maintaining the level of health you desire and we are prepared to meet your needs. From Keto to HIIT training, we know how to help you in your journey.

The approach at AIM is to use a TEAM of providers. A nurse practitioner, chiropractor, and exercise therapist will contribute to your care plan and get your health progressing in a positive direction faster by working together daily to see that your needs are addressed quickly.


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